Campaign – Castle Lager Tavern Tour

Campaign – Tastic Weddings ‘Perfect, Everytime’

Activations implemented by Eyes and Ears at various weddings across four provinces, viz. Gauteng, North West, Mpumalanga & Limpopo

Timing – Current

What is it about?

It’s a campaign which has won the brand many “friends” and the number of “likes” it has generated which is in the thousands.

But it was a good old fashioned face-to-face idea that was developed and implemented by Eyes and Ears Marketing Services, rather than facebook, which household name rice brand Tastic used to cement relations with its consumers.

Weddings are hugely important events in the lives of these targeted consumers (LSM 5-8) “it is time for celebrations”, when people from all over gather together and food is at the centre of that celebration. For the past three years Eyes and Ears has been encouraging Tastic brand team to sponsor selected weddings in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and the North West .

The whole promotion underpins the tastic brand promise of ‘Perfect everytime’. The Tastic and Eyes and Ears team, which includes chefs and promoters, sets up a full kitchen at the wedding venue and through the food produced, as well as the product on offer to be sampled, illustrates the versatility of parboiled rice.

The chefs will prepare different recipes as approved by client for the guests.

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